7 Hair & Health Benefits of Scalp Massage


For many people, getting a scalp massage feels really, really good and is a thoroughly enjoyable part of their salon experience. In addition to warm fuzzy feelings, scalp massage has a number of tangible benefits when it comes to your hair and your health.


  1. Stronger & Healthier Hair – Massage increases blood circulation to the scalp and dilates blood vessels. Blood brings oxygen and hair nourishing nutrients to the scalp, promoting stronger and healthier hair growth.


  1. Improved Hair Growth – Increased blood circulation form massage can activate dormant hair follicles, promoting new growth.


  1. Shinier Hair – Massage distributes natural scalp oils down the hair shaft. This also helps protect from breakage and split ends.


  1. Stronger Scalp Muscles – When movement is firm and rapid, scalp muscles contract (this can relieve pain).


  1. Less Dandruff – Massage (done with the right products) conditions the skin of the scalp and can reduce flaky and itchy skin conditions there.


  1. Fewer Migraines & Headaches – Research has shown that scalp massage reduces the frequency of chronic headaches, and may boost mood as well, through increases in serotonin (the “happy hormone”).


  1. Relaxation and Reduced Tension – Massage acts on the nerves of the scalp and can help relieve both emotional stress and body tension.


We hope you enjoy your next appointment & scalp massage even more with these benefits in mind!


By Stylist Philip Amaral



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