A Case for Getting …


These days it’s easy to feel deflated by news reports and even more depressed about how expensive it is to live in the city! We are calling for a back to the simple things kinda season. It’s time to revel in our friendships, take long (free) walks and make cozy vegetarian meals more! Life is full of so many precious moments that are truly priceless. Your holidays don’t need to be about splurging or being a scrouge. Make them about being thoughtful and spending your time with those you love. Put aside your worries, they will be there in the new year, and cuddle up like the Danish and hygge your way into increased happiness.


Since gift giving is still a tradition worth keeping, make it sweet for under $50 for a gift card to get a haircut or $25 for a natural skin or haircare product. Or go bigger and take advantage of our holiday offer of a $100 gift certificate for $75, rest easy no one will find out you’re a saver. She will love the thoughtful gift or hair experience,  you can rest easy knowing you have saved money and purchased quality over quantity.


We suggest buying a few lovely items for all those you love. No need to break the bank! For the ladies, you can pick up some goats milk soap (just $13) and for the gents, well…isn’t a haircut and beard trim really a gift for two (wink)?


Here’s a link to our facebook shop to see some of our products, come into the salon to touch and feel.


If you’d like to book an appointment with any of our stylists click here.


We promise to do everything we can to make this season memorable for you, including helping you save money and feel better.


Happy Holiday Season,


Philip, Rachael, Shaylyn, Laura, Chiara, and Amanda.

The Natural Hair Salon Team