Hair too dry?

By Philip Amaral
Find your shampoo sweet spot.
Dry, brittle, frizzy, or unpleasantly fluffy hair? There can be different causes of this sorry state, but a common one that I see in clients (and my former self) is shampooing too often, not conditioning enough, or (usually) both.
I’ll make the bold claim that no-one needs to shampoo every day, and that this practice is very hard on your hair. Depending on how oily your hair gets, and how many products you use in it, you can probably dial your shampooing back to 1-2 times per week.
Over-shampooing can be especially hard on curly hair, which is often drier to begin with (natural oils from the scalp don’t travel down curly hair shafts as easily). If you have drier, curly hair, you MAY not want to use shampoo at all – there are special conditioner-based washes for this hair type (a great one we have at the salon is @devacurl ”No-Poo” conditioning cleanser). A note for heavy shampoo-ers who suddenly cut back – I’ve read that frequent shampooing can cause your scalp to compensate by producing more oil. This means that if you suddenly halt your shampoo routine, your hair is going to be oilier for a month or so. A small price to pay for shinier, healthier, and lower maintenance hair IMO.
For some, shampooing less often is an easy fix for their dry/frizzy/etc. hair problems. Many of us with such hair issues will also benefit from CONDITIONER and I’ll explain in part 2.
Picture: Healthy hair that’s not over-shampooed (and some of the longest hair I’ve had the pleasure to work on) (Sources: Personal experience, Byrdie “How to Train your Hair to be Less Greasy, According to Hair Stylists”, Allure “10 commandments of Curly Hair”