How do you know you have a great stylist? Look for the 4 signs.


  1. 1. Does your stylist truly listen to you? Does it seem like your ideas go in one ear and out the other? Are they explaining what will and won’t work for your hair? Are they offering solutions for your challenges? Every visit to the salon, whether you are a new client or long term one, should consist of a good consultation.

  3. 2. Does your stylist put the health of your hair first? Nobody likes over processed hair. Appropriately spacing out appointment and offering treatment options are key. Our expert stylists know when to say no to that dye hard blonde.

  5. 3. Is your stylist keeping up with education? Do they have passion for their work? Are they excited to try new things? You deserve a professional who sees hair as their vocation. Ask your stylist about their recent professional development and make sure their keeping up!

  7. 4. Are they open to criticism? Nobody is perfect, not even the best in the business. A great stylist works hard to make sure you’re happy and doesn’t take it personally if you want a touch up. The only thing that matters is your satisfaction and your professional stylist believes that to their core.