How to make TEMPORARY HAIR COLOURS last longer – what’s worked for me

By Philip Amaral, Level 1 Stylist at The Natural Hair Salon

1. Learn to wash without shampoo. I’ll shampoo every 4th or 5th wash, which is less than once per week. I’ll use straight water, or conditioner for the other washes. My hair is of “average” oiliness – you can adjust for your own.

2. Conditioner is your friend – it keeps the hair smooth and shiny (coloured hair can easily have a damaged look) & helps seal the colour in.

3. Use dry shampoo – to keep “greasiness” down between shampoos. It’s very convenient and doesn’t seem to take colour out.

4. Avoid using lots of styling product (gel, pomade, etc.) – that’s gonna necessitate more hair washing.

5. Avoid getting your hair wet unnecessarily – wear a hood if it’s raining, use a shower cap if you’re not washing it, etc. A tip I hear often (that I don’t follow) is to wash your hair in cold water …it might be helpful, I just don’t like doing it. Also, I’ll use a colour-protective shampoo and conditioner (currently using Maria Nila Luminous Colour shampoo & conditioner) for washing colourful clients when I’m at the salon.

If you have any tips to add, please let me know in the comments!