New Year Hair Resolutions, Get Your Hair on a Routine

If you are looking over all your holiday photos and thinking your hair is far from fabulous, you’re not alone (sigh).  Kick off the New Year with some hair resolutions that will insure your locks look healthy, fun and easy to style.
Commit to hair care routine. A hair care routine means no matter what the weather brings on, your hair will look shiny and healthy.
Here’s my advice:
This regime will help the health of your hair, which means easier styling (and less time getting ready in the morning, bonus)!

Master ponytails and updos. We all have those days when we wanna sleep a little longer or we’re running late and our hair is the last thing on our minds. For days like these, knowing how to pull your hair into a quick ponytail, topknot or updo is a lifesaver! Even if your hair is in need of a wash, ( hello dry shampoo 🙌) knowing how to style your hair into a simple ponytail or updo can turn a bad hair day into a great one.

My advice:

Find the perfect hairstyle. If you truly want this year to be the year you get your hair under control, then you need to find the right style for YOU. It doesn’t matter if you love your best friend’s colour or that cut on the barista at Starbucks.

My advice:

Finding a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle, budget and overall needs.I can’t stress this enough, once you find the right style everything will just fall into place. Hello great hair days!

Give these hair resolutions a try!