Our Team

Master Stylist and Salon Owner

Philip Ferreira, owner of The Natural is a celebrated leader, educator, colourist and Master Level 3 stylist. His passion for hair is fuelled by his love of architecture, fashion, art and beauty. Philip was born and raised in Montreal PQ, Canada and is fluent in French, English and Portuguese. Philip’s winning combination of charisma, energy, enthusiasm, technique and concept are what make him sought after in both Canada and the USA. Instagram @hairphilosophy






Senior Stylists

Jess is a senior level 2 stylist. She has 12 years of experience in the hair industry and prides herself on the meaningful connections she makes with clients. She is always looking to inspire others and grow as a stylist. Instagram @hairbyjessmunro




Rachael is a Senior Level 2 stylist, cutting hair since 2005. She graduated from the Aveda institute, chosen because of the focus on using natural products.  Her passion is in the blonde colour spectrum, weddings and undone styles. On a personal note, Rachael is a sensitive soul that cares about more than just their client’s hair. She wears her heart on her sleeve and everyone loves her for it. She’s bubbly (likes wine too 🙂 caring, fun and has a contagious laugh. Instagram @rachgreenhair




Sarah Stratton is an Island girl, a passionate stylist of over 15 years, plus a makeup artist. One of our senior stylists, she specializes in bridal hair and makeup. She’s creative, athletic (a soccer player and snowboarder) and a loving mother. Instagram @basicunicornlooks



Amanda is a Level 2 stylist and has been doing hair for over 10 years. She has a passion for precision cuts, detailing and did we mention she’s a balayage boss?Instagram @meraki.hair.devotion






DevaCurl Stylist

Laura is our resident curly hair expert and DevaCurl inspired level 1 stylist. Come see her for your curly hair, she’ll amaze you! Instagram @curlygirlvictoria





Junior Stylists


Shaylyn is a level 1 stylist with The Natural and she’s one to watch. She has a passion for hair and loves to stay up to date on what’s in style. She loves working with clients of all demographics, she’s meticulous and sweet. Her focus is on making her clients happy. She loves her job and looks forward to her stunning career. Instagram @stylesbyshay.yyj



Philip Amaral is a Level 1 stylist with a flair for hair cutting, colouring, and adventurous styles. He likes fashion, music, and especially coffee, and comes from a unique background of science and marketing. Ask him more about that! Instagram @philipstyleshair



Salon Coordinator

Milena is a recent graduate working as our Salon Coordinator. She makes our salon sing! She’s working towards a career as an entrepreneur, so the position at helm of our business is a perfect fit. Her passions include art, fashion, and sustainability. We are very lucky to have Milena as part our team.