True Soft Holiday Box

A sense of warmth and enthusiasm. That is the true essence of the Aries and how anyone would feel after a touch of true soft. Gives brittle hair a silky-smooth result thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing Argan Oil. Maria Nila true soft is based on Argan oil, which remoisturises and revitalises dry and brittle hair, reduces frizz, and fights static electricity. The range includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a nourishing hair oil suitable for daily use, as well as a masque that is recommended to use 1–2 times per week. The True Soft-series has a fruity scent with a unique flowery aroma of lily, jasmine, and rose. In comparison to our Structure Repair range, the True Soft-series is suitable for naturally dry hair, while Structure Repair is tailored for damaged and chemically treated hair. The Box Contains: Shampoo, Conditioner & Argan Oil 30 ml.