Introducing: The DevaCut!

Two women with curly hair are doing each others hair. One one is spraying the other women's hair.

Still looking for an amazing curly hair stylist? Your search is over! Our salon is the only one on the island with Advanced DevaCurl certification. Book with our DevaCurl stylist Sarah Stratton. She can’t wait to get her hands on your curls!

What is a DevaCut?

The DevaCut was created at the Devachan Salon in New York back in the mid 90’s- a salon dedicated solely to curls! 

This style of cutting is done on curly or wavy hair when it’s DRY. Yes you heard right. Dry. The stylist cuts curl by curl to ensure that the curls sit beautifully and at the desired length for the client. 

What to Expect:

Each DevaCut starts with a thorough consultation to discuss curl struggles and goals, styling routine and desired result. The hair is then cut/shaped, washed, styled (with curl friendly products) and diffused. Education is a huge part of the service so that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to style and care for your beautiful new curly cut at home. 

Is a DevaCut Right For Me?

If you’ve got curls and want a rockin’ cut by somebody that actually GETS your hair then heck yes! This cut is best suited to someone that wears their hair curly most of the time. 

Give us a call at the salon to book an appointment and get ready to love your curls! 

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Are you ready to discover the next generation of hairstyling superstars?

Are you ready to discover the next generation of hairstyling superstars?

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