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Base Colour Service, also known as Global Colour

Our Base Colour service is for grey coverage, colouring your hair one solid darker colour or refreshing your current hair colour. It can also be used to return hair that has been lightened to its natural colour.
We use both permanent and semi-permanent colours by L'Oreal at our salon. Permanent colours are long lasting and excellent for covering grey hair, and semi-permanent colours are great for grey blending and enhancing existing colour.
A variety of looks can be achieved with this service. We work with you to find a colour that compliments your features and brings your hair vision to life.



Global colour is an ever-popular service that can be used to cover/blend grey hair, darken your hair colour, or enhance & refresh a colour you already have. Depending on your hair type and desired result, base colour services usually take 1-2.5 hours.

  • Includes toner and blow-dry/style.

A woman with straight black hair as seen from the back.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other colour services, please contact us or book a free Colour Consultation with one of our talented team members. 

Base Colour prices vary depending on the stylist, for example: Level 1 services are from $140+. Prices vary depending on the stylist; see our Pricing page for more details. 

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