Fashion colours

Whether it’s a full head of rainbow hair or some subtle purple underlights, fashion colours bring expressive and creative hair styles to life.

Before fashion colours are applied, hair must (usually) be lightened to a very light blonde. A full selection of colours including reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples and pinks is available.


There are different ways to add fashion colour to your hair and the cost/timing varies.

For a full head of Fashion Colour hair: Full bleach-out plus Fashion colours – by consultation.

A woman with pink hair smiles at the camera.

A woman with pink hair from the back.

Fashion Highlights/Balayage: 3-5 hours, services from $150

Fashion Colour Refresh: For hair that is already been lightened, where previous fashion colour may have faded – 1-2 hours, services from $90

  • All fashion colour services include blow dry/style.

If you have any questions about our Fashion Colour services, please contact us or book a free Colour Consultation with one of our talented team members. 

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