A good haircut is the foundation of your hairstyle. Whether you’re after a classic, stylish look or a cutting-edge fashion cut, we have you covered.

After consulting with one of our talented stylists, you’ll be treated to a hair wash and scalp massage, followed by your hair cut and finished off with styling of your choice.


Depending on the level of stylist, as well as the length of your hair and desired style, our haircutting services usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

We offer the following haircut services to choose from:

  • Haircut Brand New Client a 1hr+ first time cut to allow for extra consultation
  • Haircut Short for medium to fine & length at or above the ear
  • Haircut Medium for hair tops of shoulder to bottom of chin- a maintained bob
  • Haircut Long for hair length past the collarbone
  • Haircut Big Change for a new style *call front desk to confirm timing
  • DevaCut for curly hair clients with up to 3c type curls.
  • DevaCut  Transformational Service is for 4a, 4b, 4c type curls, super curly hair clients requiring extra time *call to confirm this is a big change or any add ons such as time for super coily thick hair or detanging
  • Deva Layers Refresh, not a full cut, for existing clients, in between cuts
  • Children's Cut for age 12 and under, level 1 and 2 stylists offer this option to existing clients only

Curly clients please book for a DevaCut and if you are wanting a complete restyle (eg. bob to pixie, long hair to precision bob etc), book for a Transformational Cut. Not sure if you qualify? Take this quiz.

Our stylists employ techniques by Vidal Sassoon, Tony & Guy and advanced DevaCurl among others, to give you a flattering and stylish cut. Our master stylist Philip Ferreira has over 30 years of experience and personally trains his staff in methods he has learned over the years as an international educator.

Prices vary depending on the level of the stylist, we offer 5 levels of experienced stylists at our salon. We are a gender neutral pricing salon.

Please visit our Pricing page for more details.

Note: In between haircut appointments, a bang trim is complimentary for existing clients only when booked with your regular stylist.

If you have any questions about our haircutting services, please contact us

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