Is your blonde hair dull?

A woman holding a bottle of Maria Nila hair product in Sheer Silver for blonde hair.

As the weather is getting warmer, the trend with my clients is to lighten up their hair too. I’d like to offer some tips on how to maintain your blonde hair in between services.

I can’t help but notice some over use of purple shampoo. If you’re not familiar with purple shampoo, we stock Maria Nila Sheer Silver, designed specially for blondes. Yes, sometimes blonde hair can get a little yellow, (especially if you have naturally darker hair) but if you’re coming back after a previous blonde service dull and grey, then you might be over using your violet shampoo. I myself am totally guilty of this and we can fix this #blondelife.

If we follow the rules of the color wheel, violet will neutralize yellow. If you are shampooing your hair each time with violet shampoo in hopes to keep it from going brassy, this is the mistake. If you put violet on neutral tones, that’s when we start to get a build up of unwanted “ash” tones and voila dull looking blondes.

Bottom line, I do think purple shampoo is a blondes good friend but not a best friend. It should be used once a week or every 5-7 shampoos depending on how often you wash your hair and NEVER every day.

In addition, there are gentle ways of getting rid of those unwanted dull tones without bleaching! Come in to the salon and I shall blow your mind with my suggestions 

Yours in blonde solidarity,

Rachael Jones

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