Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Woman with red long hair is holding a Maria Nila hair colour refresh product in her hands

Do you like experimenting with different colours in your hair? Does your faded colour need a bit of freshening up? Maria Nila colour refresh is one do-it-at-home solution. This is a gentle hair masque that leaves your hair softer and deposits a fresh shade of colour that lasts 4-10 washes (for tips on how to make temporary colours last longer, go here).

 Maria Nila colour refresh

The process is quick – you apply the masque evenly to washed, towel dried hair (wearing the gloves that come your purchase). After leaving the masque on for 3-10 minutes – 3 for a softer colour result, and 10+ for full colour intensity – rinse with water and finish with conditioner if you like.

Maria Nila’s Colour Refresh line has both fashion colours – cherry red and pearl silver, for example – and natural tones like cacao intense and black. While the masques have a gentle softening effect on any hair type, their colours show best on same colour or lighter hair. For example, the Lavender masque will cover light blonde nicely, but will not show up on dark brown or black hair.

In my own experience with Maria Nila Colour Refresh – using the Lavender and Vivid Violet masques over teal-dyed hair yielded a rich, multidimensional purple result. Pink pop over a head of long, natural-blonde hair gave a vibrant pink at the tips and a soft rose colour near the root. Using the black masque over my own natural dark brown hair gave it a very subtle darker hue. In short, I found that the masque gives a strong result colour-wise on previously coloured or porous hair, while having little effect on low porosity hair. (If you’re wondering how porous your hair is

The list of Maria Nila Colour Refresh Masques we carry are:

  • Pearl Silver
  • Black
  • Bright Copper
  • Bright Red
  • Cherry Red
  • Peach
  • Lavender
  • Pink Pop
  • Sand
  • Cacao
  • Cacao Intense
  • Vivid Violet
  • Autumn Red
  • Vanilla

Additionally, we carry a Maria Nila Colour Refresh white mix, which can be mixed with any of the other colours to create a more pastel result (2-10 parts white mix to 1 part colour, depending on the desired intensity).

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