Top 4 Golden Rules for Caring for Blonde Hair

Woman with blonde hair showing the back of her newly styled hair.

Being blonde may mean you have more fun, it also means you now can’t wing it when it comes to hair care. If you’re already a blonde, you know this and if you’re going blonde, pay close attention. Your hair routine must change along with your lighter shades.

Use cool water and wash less.

Lifting the hair can mean dryer hair, so moisture is your bestie. We suggest using a moisture shampoo (True Soft or NeuMoisture) and washing less. Never sleep with wet hair and wash with cool water. All of your efforts will pay off when it comes to keeping your colour longer and avoiding that brassy look. If you can add a filter to your shower head, that’s an inexpensive prevention method and good for your skin too!

 blonde with straight hair

Buy the right products and tone

Purple shampoo helps prevent warping and fading. We have Milkshake in stock at all times, a sulfate free product that maintains your colour. Come in for a toner service in between colour (every 4 weeks) to revitalize your highlights or balayage for a fraction of the price. Add regular trims and you’re really on top of it.


Masks and protectants

To feed your thirsty hair and maintain your glow, a weekly mask is non-negotiable. Breakage can occur when high heat is used on freshly lightened hair. Use the Maria Nila heat protectant spray and stick with lower temperatures to avoid frying your hair.

blonde with product 

Put a hat on it and stay out of the pool

When the sun is shining, or when on vaca in Cabo post Covid, put a hat on your head. The sun will do damage and it isn’t worth the risk, it also doubles to keep your skin safe. Chlorine is also not your friend, so pack a shower cap.

-Tips by Heidi, Level 3 Stylist at The Natural Hair Salon

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