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Our Horoscope Boxes and Beauty Bags comes in 6 different colours, each one with its own Care & Style series.

Beauty Bags- The sustainable bags are made from 100% recycled mesh and contain four products, shampoo and conditioner, of which two come in regular size and two in travel size. Perfect to keep in your bathroom and easy to take with you while travelling. By using recycled materials and climate-compensated packaging, we keep moving in the right direction. Towards a more sustainable future.

  • 100 % MESH made out of recycled PET bottles

Horoscope Boxes- The Maria Nila Horoscope Boxes are created to highlight each series personality in a playful way, making the gifting even more unique. Taking inspiration from the astrology when creating the boxes, they are made to honour all magical creatures. By focusing exclusively on the different animals among our star signs, the colourful illustrations also highlight our work and our care for the animals. These holiday boxes are both magical and pretty but also smart and sustainable. The boxes are designed to be reused as a “beauty depot”, perfect to store beauty accessories in the bathroom, cotton pads and buds, or your favourite pencils on the desk. As an extra gift, these boxes contain the popular Maria Nila argan oil in 30 ml to truly give nourished hair every season!