Pre- and Post-Care Lash Extension Guide

Lash line enhancement guide

Wake up to beautiful, naturally looking lashes! Perfect for those wishing to enhance their natural lash line and forget the daily mascara routine.



  • 1:1 lash ratio
  • One lash added per one natural lash



  • 2:1 lash ratio
  • A mix of classic and volume lash extensions



  • 3:1 lash ratio
  • A single 3 fan lash extension applied to one single natural lash for added fullness

volume lash



Q: What are lash extensions?
A: Lash extensions are a cosmetic application applied to each lash individually that temporarily enhances the length, curl and fullness of the natural eyelashes.

Q: How long does a lash set last?
A: If you maintain your lashes well, every 3-4 weeks for a fill is the general timeline for retouching. Depending on individual lash cycle and personal preference, some clients like to come sooner!

Q: How do I choose what look I want?
A: Your lash technician can help you choose the most flattering shape for your eye that will best enhance your natural eye line. There are several lash shapes including: Classic Eye, Doll Eye, Cat Eye, Kitten Eye and Dramatic Eye.

Q: Can I use mascara with my last extensions?
A: While you can use a water-based mascara for added drama, we recommend that you try to stay away from it as it can risk dissolving the bonding agent over time. If you choose to add mascara, be sure to use a water-based make-up remover.

Q: Can I get my lashes wet?
A: Yes! The bonding agent is waterproof. Be mindful to dry them and and brush them right after a shower or swim.

Q: Can I use a last curler with my extensions?
A: We don't recommend this. The lashes added are naturally curled!


  • Keep eyelids and lashes clean to prevent the blocking of pores and stopping irritation and infections. 
  • Use oil-free products around the eyes at all times, as oil-based products break down the glue. A microbrush, sponge or even a wet finger to gently cleanse around the eyes is best.  
  • Clean eyelids well, at least once a day, and brush your lashes daily. Brush lashes from lash line, slightly angling the brush towards the outside of the eye to the tip of lash. 
  • Touch the extensions! The less you mess with them, the longer they will last. 
  • Add mascara or oil-based makeup liners as the oil breaks down the glue and makes it hard for future applications to bond glue to lash.
  • Sleep on your stomach. Try to sleep on your side or on your back and avoid sleeping with your face in the pillow. Eye masks and silk pillowcases can help promote lash retention.