Put on falsies with NO GLUE using our Magnetic Liner&Lashes Kit!

Do you love wearing lashes, but it’s such a hassle and takes forever to put them on?
Looking for a way to put them right on every time with no stress?
FlashLash Magnetic Liner is the ONLY thing you need!
No irritating lash glue required, just apply the liner and lashes stick in place INSTANTLY!
Easily reapply or adjust the lashes as many times as you want
FlashLash premium quality lashes are reusable for up to 30 times, meaning they will last you for ages!
Our liner is super black and easy to apply like any other liquid liner and you can also wear it without the lashes!

Package Includes: 
1x Magnetic Eyeliner

1x Pair of Magnetic False Lashes

1x Magnetic Lash Case with Mirror

1x Tweezers