Embrace Beautiful Hair Again: Defying Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss with Extensions

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As a new mom, the unexpected hair loss after childbirth can be overwhelming. Seeing clumps of hair fall out around three months after giving birth is a normal occurrence. While this phase can be challenging, there's good news—hair extensions can be your lifeline to bridge the gap until your hair returns to its former thickness. In this post, we'll explore how hair extensions can provide an immediate solution to combat post-pregnancy hair loss and help you regain your confidence.


Temporary Relief for Transitioning Hair

While waiting for your hair to regain its former glory, hair extensions offer an instant solution to add volume and shine to your transitioning locks. Typically worn for 14 weeks, they can be applied as soon as you notice increased shedding during the hair-loss stage. Once the initial period passes, you can remove the extensions and assess your natural hair. You have the flexibility to either reapply the extensions for another 14 weeks or opt for a restyling session without them. Temporary extensions provide a window of personal time for you to enjoy an installation and a delightful coffee break, allowing you to embrace motherhood with a revitalized mane while patiently waiting for your hair to restore naturally.



A woman with thin hair getting hair extensions.

Plumping Fine Hair with Extensions

Don't let thin, lackluster hair dampen your spirits any longer! You have the power to transform your hair with extensions that naturally add volume. If you weren't blessed with abundant locks, you know the disappointment and challenges it brings. Thin or fine hair limits your styling options, often resulting in a stringy appearance even with attempts to grow it out or style it into a short bob. However, there's no need to let it affect your confidence when there are alternatives available.

While volumizing products and skilled cuts can help to some extent, they can only take you so far. With limited hair to work with, noticeable improvements are hard to achieve. Despite spending hours blow-drying or curling your hair and meticulously styling it for a fuller look, even a gentle gust of wind can undo all your efforts. Can you relate?

Our experienced stylists specialize in finding the best methods for your unique hair type and lifestyle. They can tailor a combination of techniques, such as integrating different methods for the majority of your hair and face-framing sections. From wefts to halos, we can install and maintain your extensions while providing you with step-by-step guidance on maintaining your newfound thickness and volume.



Understanding Fine Hair Genetics

You may wonder why your hair is fine or thin, and the answer lies in your genes. Unless there's an underlying medical condition or a deficiency in vitamins and minerals (which you should get checked out if suspected), fine or thin hair is predominantly determined by genetics. Just as you can't change the size of your nose or alter your eye color through supplements or specific diets, the density and thickness of your hair are difficult to change. Trust us, we've tried. While adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet are beneficial for overall well-being, they won't fundamentally alter your hair's structure or density.

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Understanding Hair Thickness and Density

According to the Stanford School of Medicine, the shape and size of your hair follicles play a significant role in determining hair thickness. Hair follicles, tiny pockets just beneath your scalp's surface, are responsible for hair growth. They affect hair thickness in two ways. The individual follicle size determines whether each hair strand will be thin or thick. Large follicles produce thick and coarse hair, while small follicles result in thin and fine hair. Additionally, the number of follicles on your scalp will determine your hair density. Those with lots of hair follicles will have more individual hairs; their hair will be thicker and fuller. Those with fewer follicles will have thinner or finer hair. So, if you've got many medium to large follicles, you've won the hair lottery.

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