Woman is holding her head and laughing, she has strawberry blonde hair. She uses Maria Nila vegan hair products.

Find cult-fave eco-brands Maria Nila + Neuma at The Natural Hair Salon

Now, more than ever, it’s time to be conscious of what you put on (and in) your body. Mother Earth needs our help, and as consumers, we have choices to make. Luckily for us, eco-conscious brands exist that make us look fantastic while contributing positively to our environment. 

How will you show your love when it comes to your hair? ❤️ The Natural Hair Salon is proud to carry vegan brands Maria Nila and Neuma to keep your hair care decisions as easy breezy as a summer’s day.

Woman has long blonde extensions.

Hair Too Dry?

Dry, brittle, frizzy, or unpleasantly fluffy hair? There can be different causes of this sorry state, but a common one that I see in clients (and my former self) is shampooing too often, not conditioning enough, or (usually) both.
I’ll make the bold claim that no-one needs to shampoo every day, and that this practice is very hard on your hair. Depending on how oily your hair gets, and how many products you use in it, you can probably dial your shampooing back to 1-2 times per week.