Gender Neutral Pricing

Gender Neutral Pricing

“It is not our difference that divides us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.” – Audre Lorde

Our salon is about feeling at home, making guests feel at home, and having stylists who feel a great sense of belonging — like a family. I can honestly say that on most days, we are achieving that … almost. Over the past year, we have grappled as a team on how to implement much-needed gender-neutral pricing, and each time we reached an impasse; we threw in the towel too many times. The need to solve this dilemma peaked for me when our youngest stylist asked me directly for this initiative. I vowed to make it happen, no matter what. 

We have launched our new gender-neutral price offering, which helps to carve more space for all of us in our salon. So many of us experience some level of marginalization, and this is one small necessary thing to continue to offer a safe space for everyone. 

This initiative concerns and involves all of us. We all need to ask ourselves, how are we as a society going to continue to make safe spaces for others? How are those of us with more privilege going to take a stand to support those who have less? These are the questions we hope to address in our small way by offering more inclusive gender-neutral services.


Our salon is taking the next step to walk the walk of inclusivity. Since we opened, we have been doing good for people and our planet — now we are going one step further. What gender-neutral pricing means is a haircut is a haircut, no more “men’s cuts” or “women’s cuts”; now you book based on your stylist’s time for your hair length and texture. Our choices include 45 min for lengths around the ear or above or 1 hour for lengths below the ear. For curly hair, choose DevaCut. If you’re wanting a brand new look, select Big Change. 

Our salon culture means leading with the heart, connecting to the community, providing excellent gender-neutral services to our clients, and fostering an exceptional workplace for our employees. Our prices are based on our stylists’ cultivated skills and a deep commitment to consistently offering the best. Each service is detailed based on your hair history, lifestyle and personal ethos. Some of our stylist times may vary as, after all (and luckily!), we are not machines; we offer a personalized luxury service with years of experience and education behind our team.


We actively listen to our staff and clients, not only because it’s good business but because it’s the right thing to do. If you have any questions, our front desk is here for you. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you. 

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