HOW to curl when it’s HARD to curl

HOW to curl when it’s HARD to curl

For those with naturally poker-straight hair, especially hair that is very “willful” or very long, curling your hair and getting those curls to stay can be hard. Here are some tips for you to try.


  • Skip the conditioner, and heavier shampoos, before you curl – these can make for softer, more slippery hair which is harder to curl. 2nd or 3rd day hair (after washing) usually holds curls better than first day hair.


  • Before curling, apply a hair product that increases your hair’s “grit” or “hold”, like hairspray or hair mousse.


  • Use an iron of your choice (flat iron, curling iron, etc.) to put the curls in, and clip each curl up (against your head) with a small clip. This allows each curl to cool and “set” in position.


  • You can apply hairspray after curling as well. Wait at least 5 minutes after all the curls are in place, to let them cool, and then let them down.


  • Run through them with your fingers or a wide toothed comb, just enough to break up the curls and no more. The less you touch the curls once they’re in place, the better. Enjoy(:


A couple more tips – drier hair tends to curl easier, so products that have a temporary drying effect (e.g. dry shampoo, texture spray, etc.) are your friend here and products that have a smoothing/moistening effect (conditioner, oil, etc.) are not. Coloured hair can sometimes curl more easily for this reason. Shorter hair will hold curls better, so a fresh cut doesn’t hurt!


By Philip Amaral, our fabulous stylist who also happens to be great at curling hair;)

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