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I know you’re home alone but that’s no reason to resort to cutting your own hair (or anyone else’s for that matter) or heading to the pharmacy for box dye (don’t do it). I’ve been granted an exclusive interview with the absolute expert in this field, Philip Ferreira and I want to share his wise words, before it’s too late!


Since we’re being asked to stay home, Philip suggests using this period of rest for your hair too. Say what? Ya, he says let you hair repair itself. Pick up some products to support this, of course, but let your locks hang out in their metaphorical sweatpants a bit.

Use a scrunchie if you have to

Philips knows that some of you will be splitting hairs wanting to get your hair trimmed. Again, get some Argan oil for the ends, or just use a scrunchie. Resist getting out your dull kitchen scissors to snip off split ends.

At home colour kits or masks

Ok your roots are bad and your colour is starting to look brassy. Philip has suggested you contact the salon for a specialized At Home Colour Kit (comes with your formula, developer, a Maria Nila mask, gloves and a brush for $65). If you have highlights, contact Philip at for a special kit of products meant to tone down the brass for the blondes. He also suggested picking up a mask by Maria Nila. He’s a big fam of the colours and heck, if you don’t end up in love with your new pink hair, it will wash out max 10 washes and bob’s your uncle! Visit our instagram for examples of the colours and how they play out on brunettes and blondes.

Limit the damage

Skip a few hair washes here and there. Philip says that will go a long way to keeping your hair moist and preventing colour loss. Using masks and treatments have never been more important. Philip says that a mask is a part of your essential self care treatment now. He suggest our Maria Nila Repair masque, it comes in a tub and it’s divine!

Learn how to style your hair, or else buy a barrette. 

Philip says that styling your hair at home can be simple. Flat iron your hair to smooth it out, spray with some Ocean spray or Styling cream for a more polished look. If you want to go to the next level for your conference calls, consider a nice micro crimper (seriously) or a nice Ion curling iron. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, it’s time to ditch your old hot tools and get new Ion ones. These fabulous little machines are state of the art and don’t damage your hair, especially if you use a protective styling product with colour guard before you apply the heat. The other fact to note is that even hot tool virgins like me can do it. Ya, I can flat iron my own hair! I’m a complete luddite with hair tools but I can iron like a pro. Pop into the salon or watch the online shop for hot tools to be loaded up for sale.

The other option for tidying up is a barrette. Just pin up your hair and get your bangs out of your face. Add a kiss of lipstick and you’re glammed up, quarantine style!

Book an online consult with Philip if you have any questions. He’s at the salon every weekday 2-3 and often longer doing chores (or so he tells me, lol). He’s happy to sit with you face to screen to help you with any hair problem. Nothing is too small an issue. This is the first time in 30 years he hasn’t worked himself silly, so take advantage of the fact you can get a same day appointment because when this is all over, he’ll be back to back appointments until Arieh goes to college!

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