Heartfelt Covid-19 staff stories

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Our staff worked together on this post and I want to warn you, it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

Philip Amaral- “Quarantine can bring out your creativity. I think I’m a better cook now than I was 3 weeks ago.”
Angela- “Quarantine/Isolation has forced me to slow down. I am better at keeping in touch and making time for family and friends.”

Sarah- “Having an excuse to slow down and take a look at what really matters in life- family. I get to sleep in, take as much time as I want to work out and play with my kids. How I miss my salon family though too! ”

Shaylyn- “Taught me to be grateful for even the little things! Like being able to sit in a coffee shop and drink a latte. We take so much for granted. And it’s also reminded me of what a beautiful and amazing place we live in. The endless stunning hikes and beaches blows my mind.”

Rachael- “It has taught me I am loved by so many people. Everyone checking in and showing support, and I doing the same.”

Natalie- “The quarantine has taught me about grief. It has taught me to honour all my emotions, even the ones I find hard to take, like anger. I have learned to let my feelings out, in a safe way of course, and to not question them so much. Grief is non-linear, it’s a cycle that goes round and round. I hope when this is over, I am more present and less judgemental, of myself and of others. We are all fighting a battle.”

Emylia- “This time of self isolation has had me looking into myself a lot more, I’ve never (no one really has) had the chance to completely pause my life and just spend time alone, working on bettering myself as well as hanging with my family. I appreciate little things more than I have in the past, just a sunny day and a cup of tea with my mom makes me feel giddy now.”

Philip Ferreira- “This is honestly the first time in over 30 years I haven’t worked hard every day. I’m learning to listen to how it feels to be anxious about that. I mostly miss all the social interaction I’m used to. The good side to all this is I get to be around for my toddler more. Time is going by so fast.”

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