Vegan Cruelty-free Hair Bleach

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Put your hair on a vegan diet 🥕 with Maria Nila bleach

As the world changes, so do we! With summer just around the corner, now is the time to feel the joy of bringing some lightness into your life … and we have just the thing.

 A woman holds hair bleach and flowers.

Maria Nila, the buzzy Swedish brand making waves with their natural, vegan, cruelty-free professional haircare products, has just launched their revolutionary two-step bleaching treatment to give you lighter, brighter locks without the harsh peroxide and dyes of harsh, old-school bleach. No more fried hair that smells like you walked out of a chemical factory — who doesn’t like the sound of that?

 Maria Nila hair bleach

Step 1: Lighten up with cruelty-free hair bleach 


“The Maria Nila lightener is very gentle on the hair. It leaves the integrity of the hair intact and is amazing. It’s a vegan bleach with almost no scent,” says Philip Ferreira, head stylist and co-owner of The Natural Hair Salon. “It’s a very safe bleach for hair that gives stylists more control over the bleaching process. Most bleaches want to rush to lighten, but Maria Nila has very even lift, which for a stylist is key.” 

 Maria Nila Silver Shot for hair

Step 2: Silver Shot


After the bleach comes the brand’s unique “Silver Shot,” a gentle rinse which lowers the PH, closes the cuticle to ward off damage, and makes your hair feel uber soft. Philip loves it because, as says, “The Silver Shot acts like a purple shampoo: it neutralizes unwanted yellow. It’s one small product that goes a long way to helping people maintain a brighter salon look.”

 Maria Nila vegan bleach

Who will get the most benefit from this vegan bleach? “To me, level 6 and higher (medium brown to light blonde) is the perfect client profile for this product,” says Philip. “I use it for all types of colour techniques (foils, full head bleaching, baby-lites, colour corrections). The lightener is used in between foils for services such as highlights, but also for open-air balayage to achieve a more lived-in, relaxed look. The bleach and tone are for those wanting a solid, universal, all-over lighter colour. Colour correction for hair is also a great use of this product — clients who want a big change or may be battling box-dye home colour.”

 A woman holds vegan hair bleaching products.

Do good for yourself and the Earth 🌎 and book in with The Natural Hair Salon for vegan bleach from Maria Nila. Your hair will never look better!


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Bonus tip ✨ from Philip for stylists who are starting out with this product: “Play with your mixing ratio for consistency — more developer doesn’t mean more lift, it’s the opposite! If you’re putting more developer in the bowl, the result will be less kick because it will have less lightener to liquid ratio. Also don’t mix developers — this is key for this product.” 

 A hairdresser mixes product

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