Swans' love for their ​partners is so deep they mate for life. The myth says they only sing when they are dying. They ​are truly passionated, just as passionated as Luminous ​Colour is for Colour ​protection. A sensational assistant in the colour saving section. It makes your colour shine bright and brings out all the emotions.

Cream Heat Spray is a nourishing heat protecting cream spray that rebuilds damaged hair and prevents split ends - all this while adding subtle shine to the hair! When using heat tools and blow dryer your hair gets damaged, Cream Heat Spray provides moisture to protect the hair. The Cream Heat Spray has a fresh-fruity, floral scent of peach, apple and rose. Colour Guard Complex helps preserve the colour by protecting your hair from UV radiation and free radicals.

The Box Includes
- Shampoo 350 ml
- Conditioner 300 ml
- Cream Heat Spray 75 ml